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Skankin’ to the Beat

Fishbone performing @ The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse, NY. May 6, 2015.

Fishbone @ The Westcott Theatre. Syracuse, NY. May 6, 2015.

Dr. Madd Vibe

Dr. Madd Vibe aka Angelo Moore of Fishbone.

Angelo Moore of Fishbone.

Angelo Moore of Fishbone.

Sled Dogs


IMG_9177aaAdirondack Kennel, Winona State Forest, Boylston NY. January 2015.

S95 – Markhor on High


Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse, NY. November 2014.

Lavender Honey

Lavender Honey

Lockwood Lavender Farm, Skaneateles, NY. July 2014.

S95 – Path to the past

S95 - Path to the past

Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve, Big Island, HI. May 2014.

S95 – Joey & Frank Diptych

Joey & Frank Diptych

Joey Santiago and Black Francis of the Pixies

To celebrate my birthday, my wife & I went to see the Pixies‘ Doolittle Lost Cities Tour at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY.


They played the entire Doolittle album (plus b-sides) and two encores.

The diptych to the left was shot during the second encore amidst the billowing fog of “Into the White.”

I’ll prolly post a couple more images from the show over the next few days. Most of them will be more silhouettes of Joey Santiago.

S95 – Out to Sea

S95 - Out to Sea

Euronav vessel heading into the Atlantic, offshore of Cape Henlopen, DE

Pogo – Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky. Polaroid Pogo print. May 2011.

My wife & I attended “An Evening with Noam Chomsky” last night, part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the Syracuse Peace Council.

He gave a wonderful, insightful talk on US foreign policy that would’ve rankled the nationalistic zealotry of the Far Right (had any attended); was logically eye-opening to political Moderates; and preached to the choir of the Left. Given the majority of the filled-to-capacity auditorium tended toward this latter demographic, Dr. Chomsky’s words had many a sympathetic ear to listen.

The local newspaper’s coverage, however, comes across as troll bait.

The headline of “Noam Chomsky: US policy serves ‘the masters of mankind’” seems to imply nut-job-conspiracy-theory-cabal-Illuminati-mumbo-jumbo, misrepresenting the actual theme that the US government itself endeavors to be the “master of mankind” by projecting its authority through its foreign policy.

Likewise, the gist of the article neglects the majority of the talk, instead focusing on the more salacious tidbits from the Q&A session afterwards regarding Chomsky’s recent response to the death of Osama bin Laden.

Now I realize Dr. Chomsky’s views can be unpopular, if not polarizing, but he’s one of the most important figures in the modern intellectual discourse of political dissent. Wasting column-inches on his response to being called “stupid” by a commentator, even including it in the article’s lede, is tabloid journalism.

Eh, I’m digressing. This post wasn’t intended to be a media critique (for that, read Herman & Chomsky’s watershed “Manufacturing Consent”).

Anywho, after the talk, Dr. Chomsky had a book signing. I got my notebook & “Essential Chomsky” signed. While patiently waiting in line, I took a couple of snapshots; nothing of import or consequence. I printed a couple to accompany his autograph in my notebook on the Pogo.

UPDATE: You can watch his talk over on youtube:

Part 1
Part 2

S95 – The Guest Room

The Guest Room. Farmington, CT. May 2011

S95 – Tulips

Tulips. Liverpool, NY. May 2011

S95 – Suburbs

Suburbs. Liverpool, NY. May 2011.

S95 – Rt 31 over the Seneca River

Baldwinsville, NY. April 2011. Canon S95.

S95 – Red Lobster

Clay, NY. April 2011. Canon S95.

S95 – This Vehicle Does Not Turn on Red

Clay, NY. April 2011. Canon S95.

S95 – Hockey in Syracuse

War Memorial, Syracuse, NY. April 2011. Canon S95.

My wife recently purchased a Groupon for 50% off tickets to our local AHL team, the Syracuse Crunch against her hometown Binghamton Senators. Two ice-level seats, two hot dogs, a shared soda, parking, and a free Jon “Nasty” Mirasty bobble-head for only $26.50; what can I say, I’m a cheap date.

Our wonderful evening was full of life lessons, such as:

– Sometimes the drunken hockey hooligans sitting behind you aren’t actually drunken hockey hooligans; sometimes they’re just Australian tourists.

-When you & your wife are featured on the ‘kiss cam,’ the police sergeant in your section won’t be impressed unless there’s tongue involved.

-All of Syracuse’s goals were brought to you by bread.

-The “Hanson Brothers” impersonators should prolly lose some weight to be more believable; especially in a building where parts of ‘Slapshot‘ where filmed.

-It isn’t awkward at all to have a bobble-head night for a fan-favorite player that your NHL affiliate unceremoniously demoted and then traded away.

But it was refreshing to see, on a night that the Crunch were celebrating perhaps their most beloved enforcer ever, the current team remembered how to toss the gloves and play some Syracuse style hockey.

S95 – Spring comes, Summer waits in Syracuse

Spring comes, Summer waits in Syracuse. Canon s95.

Update: The trestle is part of a larger mural project “A Love Letter to Syracuse.” by Steven Powers.

fBHF – Beach Closed, North Shore, O’ahu

Beach closed, North Shore, O'ahu. fBHF on expired Ektachrome.

Beach closed, North Shore, O'ahu. fBHF on expired Ektachrome.

These are from the North Shore of O’ahu the day after the 2009 Eddie Aikau, an irregularly held surfing competition only held when the wave swells at Waimea Bay are over 20 ft. Greg Long rode a 40 ft wave to a perfect score, passing Kelly Slater to win. The following day, waves were easily still 20-30 feet high.

My wife & I had planned on exploring the North Shore in the morning, having an early lunch at Ted’s Bakery then shave ice at Matsumoto’s before heading back out to drive the Wai’anae coast.

It didn’t go exactly as planned.

Tasked with now entirely too much time on the North Shore, we tried to make the most of it. We drove the stretch from Waimea Bay to Turtle Bay and back, stopping at random beaches and whatever else struck our fancy for several hours; each time praying the police had finally reopened the road to Haleiwa and its delicious, delicious shave ice.

Long story, short: Matsumoto’s is worth the wait, the North Shore is both amazing & terrifying, and we never made it to the western-side of the island.

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Gallery: fBHF – O’ahu 2009

S95 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Icicle. Shot with a Canon S95

So my delayed/back-ordered Christmas present finally arrived from Best Buy this afternoon! My wife decided I needed a Canon Powershot S95, as I often told her that I would like one.

In essence, it’s the pocket camera I’ve always wanted. Small, compact, yet capable; or so I’ve read.

I haven’t quite had the chance to put it through any paces yet, but I anticipate it becoming a constant companion, joining the ranks with my cellphone, Moleskine & spacepen in my pants pockets.

Therein lies its charm. Too often I find myself without a camera when I suddenly want/need a camera; or conversely, lugging my Canon 40D and backpack full of lenses around without taking a single frame.

For awhile there, my beloved fBHF filled the niche of a constant “on hand” camera, both literally & figuratively; but its bulk, lack of versatility, and the need to carry spare spools, not to mention the cost of film, lead to its retirement from daily use. (I also took a chunk out of her film advance knob this summer, when I accidentally clipped a cement fence post outside of Fordham. So I had been carrying her with a tad more careful trepidation than I had in the past, lest I cause any further irreparable damage).

A digicam that fits comfortably in my pocket, shoots both RAW & 720p video and has an added ADH warranty to boot sounds pretty good to me.

Maybe this will help snap me out of my creative funk; maybe it won’t; it can’t hurt.

FNCE 2010 – Anthony Bourdain 2

Anthony Bourdain at FNCE 2010, Boston.

Ok, fine. Here’s one where you can actually see Anthony Bourdain‘s face. I like to imagine he’s singing “O Sole Mio,” but alas and a lack, he wasn’t.

He was the closing speaker at this past year’s Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in Boston, giving a talk entitled “How to stop worrying and enjoy globalization.”

I thought he was an odd choice to address a room filled with registered dietitians, given his predilection towards… shall we say… foods on the “unhealthy”* side of the spectrum.

Yet Bourdain was funny, engaging and he assuaged any fears of being contrarian to modern dietetic paradigms, by acknowledging he was a father who wanted what was best for his child. The dietitians, for their part, had no reservations about Bourdain (no bad pun intended) embracing & applauding his commonsense point of views and raucously laughing at his witty banter impugning his fellow celebrity chef/ tv personalites Rachael Ray, Paula Dean, & current first-lady of New York, Sandra Lee.

I had some prior reservations about his talk, stemming from the whole “enjoy globalization” part of his title. But instead of espousing a nihilistic homogenized western culture that dominates and eradicates indigenous cultures (as I tend to connotate globalization), he was rather suggesting that we take the opportunity to expose ourselves to other cultures & cuisines, while we still have the chance.

Part of the whole “be a traveler, not a tourist” and “eat like a local” concepts that I wholeheartedly support.

So yeah. Good stuff.

*I put “unhealthy” in quotes, as I try not to think of food as “healthy” or “unhealthy,” but rather follow a philosophy, given to me by my dietitian wife, that every food has its place and everything should be taken in moderation, including moderation.

FNCE 2010 – Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain at FNCE 2010, Boston.